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The Oil of Care

Application of suitable herbs with proven skin rejuvenation capabilities in an oil base helps protect the baby’s skin and nourishes it. Dasapushpam baby oil contains the extracts of ten medicinal flowers in an oil base. These flowers are used both externally and internally as a preventive and curative tonic. Prepared with appropriate portions of these flowers, Dasapushpam baby oil, once applied optimizes the peripheral circulation, stimulates both the sensory and motor nerve endings, removes dead skin and other minute pathogens infesting the skin, expedites the growth and maturity of the skin layer.

We have also taken great care in identifying the right packaging for our Oil. We have made sure the bottle is unbreakable so that it is safe to use around the baby. We have used a High Quality Premium PET bottle so that it does'nt bend against pressure or react with the oil on longer storage. The inside flip cap makes sure the oil does not spill or leak while you travel. 

We have also made sure the oil is thin in consistancy so that it is easy to wash off and has better absorption to the skin. 

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