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How can Dasapushpam Baby Oil improve Skin Immunity

We all know that our skin acts as the first line of defense against infections.

But did you ever think of skin as an immune organ?

Our immune system is responsible for defending us against disease causing micro-organisms and maintain a healthy condition. When we talk about boosting a weak immune system, we often ignore skin health and just talk about diet.

However, immunity system is a complete layered system that begins with skin. Boosting skin immunity should be given equal importance when we think about health.

What is skin immunity ?

The immune system is the body's defense against infectious organisms and other invaders. Skin not only acts as a physical barrier against the foreign invaders, but also consists of specialized cells that detect and actively fight infections.

These cells not only provide protection against germs but also when our skin is exposed to heat, radiation or UV rays and pollution.

Did you know:

Babies’ skin is one of the last major system to be developed and does not have the same ability to resist pathogens as adults ?

However, babies’ skin is one of the last major system to be developed. Unlike adults, their skin does not have the same ability to resist pathogen attack. Their skin also does not have sweat glands developed until the age of 3 years, which means that they do not have the ability to flush out toxins through sweat.

This makes skin care and boosting skin immunity a priority for babies’ good health.

Ayurveda Principle

As the babies’ skin need special care, Ayurveda suggests it should be cleansed and nourished with certain herbs that boost skin immunity. These natural herbs not only gently cleanse but should also be anti bacterial and non-irritant.

One of the tenets of Ayurveda prescribes “Taila Abhiyanga” as an essential step to take care of your little one. “Taila” means oil, and “Abhiyanga” translates to massaging the body. It means that massaging your baby with suitable herb infused oil to cleanse, eliminate toxins and provide lot of other benefits.

Since the babies’ sweat glands are yet to be developed, massaging it will also help cleanse and detoxify the pores and help in thermoregulation. Thermoregulation is a process that allows your body to maintain its core internal temperature.

How does massaging help in boosting immunity ?

Massaging not only helps in moisturizing babies’ skin but also revitalizes, improves blood circulation and helps baby clam down. Read more about how and why to massage your baby in the detailed guide here.

Oil finds its way from the skin into the bloodstream when massaging. This makes choosing the right oil for your loved one very critical.

You do not want to apply harsh, toxic and chemical laden oils to the delicate skin of your baby that will do more harm than benefit.

The ingredients in oil should be natural with antiseptic and antioxidant properties, improving skin immunity.

Nature's Veda Dasapushpam Baby Oil contains the extracts of ten medicinal flowers in cold pressed virgin coconut oil base. These flowers have great preventive and curative properties, which make it great for baby care and skin immunity.

Based on principles of Ayurveda, Dasapushpam baby oil formula blends these flowers, to help improve skin immunity in babies, in the following ways-

  • Optimizes the peripheral circulation,

  • Stimulate both the sensory and motor nerve endings,

  • Removes dead skin and other minute pathogens infesting the baby skin

  • Expedite the growth and maturity of the skin layer

Also read about how massaging with the right oil can improve your baby's bone strength here.


We suggest that you read the labels of the baby oil that you are using carefully and understand how it will help your baby in boosting skin immunity. Improving skin immunity is one of the easiest and popular way to improve the health of your baby, as she is developing and in need of nourishment and care.

Being skeptical will help you choose the right product with gentle, natural and beneficial ingredients.

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