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Let your skin radiate a healthy glow en route to motherhood and after with this All natural and Ayurvedic oil from an ancient recipe. During pregnancy, it is normal for your progesterone and oestrogen levels to be raised. This leads to the formation of excessive melanin by melanocytes, which in turn causes black spots and other hyperpigmentation on your skin. The status of the skin persists during the post-partum period. As cosmetic treatments are not advised during pregnancy, it would be appropriate to bring back the radiance and glow of your natural skin by natural means. Nature Veda's Dasapushpam MOM OIL will optimize the secretion of the natural oils of the skin, keep the pores open, and remove the slough of dead cells on the surface efficiently during pregnancy. Studies have proven that early SSC (Skin to Skin Contact) between infants and their mothers contribute a lot to the development of physiological and psychological behaviour of the child. During this time it is very important for the lactating mother to have the most secure, healthy and sterile skin. The herbal ingredients of MOM OIL provide enough anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to your skin so that your baby is most secure while being proximal to you. Those streaks of pale white lines, called stretch marks, on the abdomen are another concern of a woman after giving birth to a child. The therapeutic properties inherent in the recipe of Nature's Veda MOM OIL help provide the necessary buffing and polishing naturally to remove these marks gradually.

Nature's Veda Dasapushpam Mom Oil - 200ml

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